Behaviour Design is all about Tiny Habits

What seemed like a lifetime ago when I went to Indigo to find some inspiration from my daily routine. What a luxury now thinking back on it. I came across this book that had a bright yellow sleeve that said “This book will change your life (happy face). I bought it instantly. It was a book about Behaviour Design. As a design strategist, this was right up my alley. I have studied, interior, urban, systems, and service design but behaviour design was a new concept.

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IDS has a new vision shifting its focus from consumers to professionals

“We are brokers of dialogue,” Director of Conference Programming, Ian Chodikoff mentions as he explains the shift in IDS’ (Interior Design Show 2019) current vision. The expanded programming of “bringing people together to experience the power of design” speaks to the new opportunities the show is trying to foster among the industry. Continue reading “IDS has a new vision shifting its focus from consumers to professionals”

June 8th

It’s my birthday today. 36! Some of the major events that are happening today: The PC party has a majority government for the provincial election which means Doug Ford is the Premier. Anthony Bourdain has committed suicide, just days after Kate Spade took her life as well. And I have injuries and bruises from rugby. … Continue reading June 8th