Kapwani Kiwanga – A wall is just a wall

As we go about our daily lives, we encounter spaces designed to shape and regulate our behaviour. In A wall is just a wall, Kapwani Kiwanga exposes the mechanisms of these underlying structures through wall paint inspired by colour theory and targeted fluorescent lighting.

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Maria Hupfield – The One Who Keeps On Giving

Objects contain meanings beyond their materiality, meanings that we bring to them or receive from them. Objects are the result of an action, entail traces of human gestures and evoke reactions or memories. They have the potential to be read collectively or personally. Maria Hupfield’s artistic practice reveals the way objects can trigger relationships between humans or environments.

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Latifa Echakhch – Cross Fade

In Echakhch’s process-based works, audiences are presented with the traces of an action. For instance, in Stoning (2010), the artist took bricks from a crumbling building – not a heritage site – and chiseled them into stones, recalling a method of punishment or execution. The tragedy that has befallen this place appears to have passed, and all that remains are the fragments of cast stones. Such gestures of abandonment and absence feature regularly throughout Echakhch’s oeuvre. Like Stoning, Cross Fade evokes the remains of an action that has already taken place. Echakhch’s wall painting of the sky appears to be falling apart. Fragments of the sky still exist intact on the upper sections of the walls, out of reach, reminding us of its beauty. However, large parts of the sky lie on the ground, creating a peculiar feeling that something beyond our control is either happening or has just happened.

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Johnathas de Andrade – On Fishes, Horses and Man


A fish dying in the arms of a man is what first strikes us upon entering Jonathas de Andrade’s exhibition. The film O peixe (The Fish) depicts in ten vignettes fishermen cradling their catch, the two species merged in a morbid embrace of sinew and scale. The scenes in the film, simultaneously brutal and tender, confront the viewer with the tension and pathos of the dying process, up until the fish takes its last breath. At that exact moment, the scene moves on to the next couple – man and fish – and the tension begins again, transforming the single action, through endless repetition, into a ritual. The predator, the human, is stronger than its prey, the animal. He dominates it, yet he devotes himself to the fish throughout the process of its passing.

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Animal Farm – Art imitating Life – The Trump Presidency


I’ve finished my first book of the new year…Animal Farm by George Orwell. The novel is a political satire that looks at the events leading up to the Russian Revolution and into the Salinist era. Despite the book being written nearly 70 years ago, I find some parallels to what is currently happening in the United States with President Trump, especially after his press conference that went terribly wrong.

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Future by Design: The Future Designer


Tonight, RGD hosted Future By Design, a free live screening and interactive discussion of ‘The Future Designer’,  hosted by George Brown College.

The design industry is constantly shifting to leverage advances in technology, accommodate demographic & ethnographic trends and adopt new and innovative ways of thinking. As new opportunities for creative work emerge, what skills will be required and how do we ensure future generations of designers have the skills necessary to maintain relevance for our industry? Join a discussion of the changing roles, opportunities and challenges facing the future designer.

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Bachelor of Branding Charrette

Commercial Planning Marketing Brand Concept
Idea Commercial Planning Marketing Brand Concept

The Institute without Boundaries is known for their charrette process. A quick, dirty and effective way of producing many ideas and then editing it all down to the best possible outcomes.

This charrette was to help the faculty and staff develop a new curriculum for a new bachelor degree. As they are in the preliminary phases of research and development, this was an opportunity to receive input from faculty, industry and students to help shape the new program.

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2 Rooms Revisited


2 ROOMS REVISITED – an exhibition of artworks created by OCAD University faculty and graduate students from the Interdisciplinary Master’s in Art, Media and Design program during their stay at 2 Rooms Artist Residency in Duntara, Newfoundland. Artists: Catherine Beaudette, Claire Brunet, Susan Campbell, Vanessa Jackson, Rae Johnson, Colette Laliberté, Annette Mangaard, Diane Pugen, Katrina Tompkins

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Quadrangle envisions the CN Tower as a Condo


One thing that Toronto knows how to do well, is create condo’s out of historic structures. The CN Tower which was once the tallest freestanding structure in the world has fallen to the likes of the Burj Khalifa in Dubai and the Canton Tower in China. So, what do you do with one of the most iconic buildings in the world? You open it up and let people live on it.

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George Brown College – Daniels Waterfront – City of the Arts


George Brown College’s Waterfront Campus is expanding to include an exciting new facility in the Daniels Waterfront – City of the Arts development that will house several School of Design programs and a research hub.

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