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A Quiet Place

So the only reason I saw this movie is that Avengers Infinity War is sold out till next Thursday. I had seen a lot of the previews and watched a lot of the interviews with Emily Blunt and John Krasinski but really had no intention on seeing a horror/thriller because it’s not my type of jam.

What is funny is that because the whole movie is set around the idea that if you make a sound aliens are going to come and kill you. So the whole theatre was silent as if we were getting into the character. All and all, it’s a very entertaining movie. I have to give props to Emily Blunt whose acting of giving birth while trying to be quiet is Oscar worthy. Screw Mary Poppins. Giving birth while trying to stay alive while aliens are hunting you and your newborn is insane. I must also say that it was the fastest birth ever, lol.

What I did enjoy was the very end where the typical roles of male and female are reversed. The son holds the newborn keeping it quiet while the mother and daughter kick and kill some alien ass.

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