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Maple Syrup

Today, I brought my nephews to experience how maple syrup is made. They begrudgery got in the car, already had their pre-conceived notions that it was going to be boring because they had already read about it before. I told them that reading is not the same as experiencing it for real life.

After several hours of walking around being completely immersed in 18th century Canada, my nephews changed their mind. They told me that they really liked the experience and started thanking the maple trees for giving us maple syrup. In today’s world where everyone is plugged into their laptop, cell phone or tablet and think that seeing a video is the real deal. It’s good to see that you can pry yourself away for a couple of hours and really learn something. And say that you know about it not because you read it or watched it but because you experienced it.

This is one of the many reasons I travel the world, living, breathing and experiencing all the things that the people, the country, and the cities have to offer.

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