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Navigating the Airport Process

Today, after driving through the worst ice storm recorded in April, I dropped my mother and her friends at the airport for their Biennale “Jesus Tour” Trip. Because of work, I’ve been clocking a lot of frequent flyer miles and have become completely accustomed to the “do-it-yourself” digital atmosphere at Terminal 1.

Airport City

Last week I was part of an Institute without Boundaries charrette, Airport City, that examined how Toronto Pearson International Airport can better integrate into its surrounding neighbourhood and the region in the context of future growth, in relation to community, government and corporate stakeholder needs. As you may or may not know, Toronto Pearson International Airport has an ambitious goal to become North America’s premier gateway to the globe. It is already one of the fastest growing connection airports in North America and is the continent’s second largest international airport to New York’s JFK. Today, the Airport serves 36 million passengers and by 2030, is expected to double the number of passengers it serves. Five teams were tasked with specific themes that looked at how the Airport can continue to function and remain competitive through better regional and neighbourhood integration, looking at the Airport’s role holistically instead of treating it as an island. The GTAA needs to ensure that its growth does not negativity impact its neighbours and its projected growth does not, in turn, …