The Master – Mackintosh

I remember, way back in first year interior design, I was sitting in our art history class and our TA who was Scottish had a very thick accent. In one of his lectures he was talking about Glasgow quite a bit. One reason was because he was from there, and loved to talk about his studies, the second reason was because of who we were studying at the time. Which was Charles Mackintosh. He told us, if we were ever in Glasgow this is where you would find all his greatest works. Fast forward, about 20 years later, I had the opportunity to hunt him down and experience some of the best collections of modern design in the country.

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Factory Art Crawl Interview

Last night at the Factory Media Centre, we had an installation by the students who learned how to create new media projects using simple signage. The goal was to create a protest video, “live” and allow the students to experience and edit video. Ute Schmid Jones stopped by and asked us more. View the interview here.

Bachelor of Branding Charrette

Commercial Planning Marketing Brand Concept
Idea Commercial Planning Marketing Brand Concept

The Institute without Boundaries is known for their charrette process. A quick, dirty and effective way of producing many ideas and then editing it all down to the best possible outcomes.

This charrette was to help the faculty and staff develop a new curriculum for a new bachelor degree. As they are in the preliminary phases of research and development, this was an opportunity to receive input from faculty, industry and students to help shape the new program.

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PNEU | a spatial experience


Set within the historic Church of Holy Trinity in the heart of Trinity Square and steps from the Eaton Centre, the opening party of the Toronto Design Offsite Festival launched. The main feature of the event is an installation from Design Fabrication Zone (DFZ), Ryerson University’s interdisciplinary incubator for design and fabrication. This is the description of the installation provided by the designers: Continue reading “PNEU | a spatial experience”

History of Wedding Favours

I recently went to a wedding this weekend. I don’t understand why people get married in the winter, it’s so cold that it doesn’t matter what you are wearing because you are going to be wearing your heavy coat regardless.

Anyways, when we got to our table and there were so many things on the surface to discovery. There were centrepieces, our name tags, candy and of course our wedding favours. This made me think, what is the significance of a wedding favour? Continue reading “History of Wedding Favours”

Lighting up the Landscape


Located in Toronto’s Fort York, during the 2014 Nuit Blanche event, the Semaphore Group created an interactive installation of four transparent mesh cubes, filled with white balloons, were suspended from a 12′ x 12′ wooden frame.


Some balloons were helium-filled and some plain old air-filled. The helium balloons rose to the top and the regular balloons fell to the bottom; thus creating a mysterious negative space between the two masses.


In the dark night the lighting made marvellous shapes against the white balloons. ‘Project Henge’ was a play of light and form – 4 diaphanous cubes in the dark landscape. During the evening the installation took on a whole new meaning.


The original intention was to fill the mesh boxes with the balloons – stand back and visually enjoy. But visitors and passers-by wanted to contribute. Soon enough we had lineups of people waiting to add a balloon and make a wish. Later that night visitors became more interactive with the installation – lying on the ground below the cubes or shaking the mesh cubes and watching the balloons fly.

Rise up by House of Meggs


HOUSE OF MEGGS announces the completion of ‘Rise Up,’ David ‘MEGGS’ Hooke’s largest solo mural to date. At over 6,000 square feet, it towers over the eastern section of Detroit’s Russell industrial district and serves as an iconic symbol of the city’s ups and downs. The mural, which features an image of a tiger and the text ‘Rise Up,’ reveals a constant symbol of hope and strength that the city can identify with as it moves into a new era of change and regrowth.<!–more–>

“I hoped to convey the energy and momentum of self-empowerment and moving forward. The tiger is a symbol that all Detroiters relate to and feel proud ownership of – it’s a symbol that’s born from Detroit’s glory days and one that survived its unfortunate downfall,” MEGGS explains.


Ironically, the mural commenced a week after Mayor Mike Duggan announced a controversial crackdown on graffiti, forcing the city to fine numerous business owners who had actually commissioned artists to paint murals on their buildings. MEGGS faced logistical hurdles and numerous encounters with police and city workers, but the response was overwhelmingly positive and he was allowed to proceed and complete the largest wall in his street art career.


Images courtesy of Sal Rodriguez and video courtesy of David Meggs

Maison and Objet Preview: Plum by Tom Dixon


Plum is a series of barware by Tom Dixon that brings cocktail culture and drinks traditions into a contemporary universe. Formed from glass and copper, each piece offers an attractive functionality to the restaurant, bar and home. Each glass item is mouth-blown and hand-cut. PLUM GROUP PLUM ICE BUCKET LID OFF PLUM LEMON SQUEEZER GLASS 2

The futuristic copper-plated cocktail shaker with large belly and tapered ends allows a firmer grip and more balanced shaking. The slim end cap also functions as a spirit measure. PLUM SMALL VASE 2 PLUM SWIZZLE STICKS 2

The essential accessory set and a very sophisticated way to serve memorable drinks. Plum comprises tongs, vases (small and large), swizzle sticks, a cocktail shaker, a serving platter, an ice bucket, a champagne bucket and a lemon squeezer. PLUM TONGS PLUM CHAMPAGNE BUCKET 2