Hello Kitty Train

Why do places like Japan think of inventive ways of taking the mundane task of commuting to a whole another level? Hello Kitty is getting their own themed bullet train which will take to the tracks on June 30th. Continue reading “Hello Kitty Train”


Branding a brandless company – Muji

What I love about Muji is the simplicity in their designs. You can see it in every aspect of your home. There’s a sense of zen and cleanness about the look and feel of their products. In recent years this company has started to expand its product line to pre-fab homes to hotel chains in Asia.

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How Toys R Us missed the mark

Do you remember the Toys R Us jingle? I might be dating myself but every kid of the 90s can sing it by heart: I don’t want to grow up, I’m a Toys R us kid… It was this spirit that made the iconic retail store so different. But after hearing its plan to liquidate, it makes me think of where they went wrong and how this could have been avoided if they just stayed true to who they were.

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