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Interview with Cool Objects: Dinner with Diaspora, DesignTO

My interview with the artists and curators of Cool Objects who will be taking me through their exhibition Dinner with Diaspora, online at DesignTO.

Dr. Foteini Agrafioti – Interview – Digifest 2015

#tbt @fagrafioti CIO of @architechcatalks biometrics & what inspired her to pursue an unconventional career Dr. Foteini Agrafioti is the VP, Research and Innovation at Architech, an innovation accelerator for enterprise, where she is responsible for the company’s intellectual property portfolio. Digifest finds out why she became a Biometric Engineer and what inspired her to pursue an unconventional career.

Lynn Hughes – Games in an expanded field

Lynn Hughes’s educational background includes degrees in Art and English Literature and in the History and Philosophy of Science and Technology, with a concentration in the History and Philosophy of Mathematics. She currently holds the Research Chair in Interaction Design and Games Innovation at Concordia University. She founded with Bart Simon (Sociology, Concordia) the Technoculture, Art and Games (TAG) Research Centre at Concordia. Her FUTURE15 Talk looks at “Games in an expanded field” where game = set of designed constraints or rules + space around these for improvisation or play.

Trevor Haldenby – Trading Privacy for Pleasure

Trevor Haldenby is the imaginative thinker who focuses emerging technologies on exciting ideas. He has worked as interactive producer and design consultant on a diverse array of digital projects: including the popular virtual world Habbo Hotel, and Earth Rangers’ Bring Back The Wild campaign. In his FUTURE15 Talk, Trevor presents “Trading Privacy for Pleasure” by The Mission Business and Byologyc.

Brian Pullen – Path to a Product

Brian Pullen is a designer and entrepreneur living and working in Toronto, Canada. He has been a creative director of more than 200 digital projects, ranging from websites to apps and games. In his Keynote presentation, Brian discusses “The Path to a Product – Building startups & making things,” bringing his experience in processes,business models, design philosophies, management structures and digital strategy to the talk. As a design and product advisor to more than 50 startups, and to a number of accelerator programs across North America his insight and knowledge in developing emerging startups and entrepreneurs is very inspiring. More reading about startups: You Have to Have Something Else – A Conversation with Brian Pullen here