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The Cranberry Resort…don’t stay there

Ever year, we have a girls week and go to Blue Mountain to enjoy the winter season. Last year, we stayed at the Living Water and got a really good package…but felt we may have paid too high for all the bells and whistles.


This year, we decided to stay at it’s sister location…The Craaaanberrry, and it was an utter and complete disaster. When we arrived to Collingwood, it was a couple hours before check-in. So the girls asked me to call the hotel to see if our room was ready.


When I called, I told them my name: Sibolboro, S-I-B. The person who answered said, “F” like Frank? I said, No “S” like Sam. They finally found our reservation and let us know that we could come early and check-in. Now, when we got to the front desk, I told the receptionist that we called ahead and were told that our room was ready. She was shocked and gave some attitude as she searched for our reservation…”Who told you that?”

Anyways, we got our keys and started to unload our luggage onto the trolley. To our surprise, there are no elevators at the Craaaannberrry! And we had to sherpa our luggage up a flight of stairs. The receptionist was like, “don’t worry it’s just 12 steps”. When I counted there were 14 steps lady!

So we decided to have lunch in the hotel restaurant and settle in. Well, the smell of chlorine trickled over to the restaurant and made it hard to eat with that overwhelming smell. When we sat down, the wait staff looked pissed off that we wanted to eat in their establishment. While we were eating, the waitress was rushing us during our meal that as a result we under tipped her because of the awful service.


To continue with the awful service, our cleaning staff only made one of our beds both nights. We even left money for them and it didn’t make a difference.


The renovation made the hallways smell like mould and dirty feet. And the temperature in our room was so out of whack that the condensation on the window pooled into a mini-puddle.


The one day we wanted to take advantage of the pool, it was closed early due to an ‘accident’…some child probably shit in the pool. And to wrap it all up, one night it snowed a lot that when they plowed the parking lot they blocked us in that we had to shovel our way out.


I gave my honest and truthful review to Expedia and received a response from The Cranberry Resort:


All in all, I would not stay there again and would not recommend it to anyone.

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