How Toys R Us missed the mark

Do you remember the Toys R Us jingle? I might be dating myself but every kid of the 90s can sing it by heart: I don’t want to grow up, I’m a Toys R us kid… It was this spirit that made the iconic retail store so different. But after hearing its plan to liquidate, it makes me think of where they went wrong and how this could have been avoided if they just stayed true to who they were.

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This Is Not A Toy

At the intersection of art, design, fashion, music, luxury goods and street culture, ‘This Is Not A Toy’ is THE contemporary art and design show of 2014. Guest curated by Grammy and Oscar-nominated creative Pharrell Williams, the exhibition showcases work that have never been seen in Canada and the world. Co-curators John Wee Tom and … Continue reading This Is Not A Toy