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What’s up Hong Kong

Whether you call them daredevils, skywalkers, or urban explorers, the Russian cadre On The Roofs risk their lives, limbs, and law to give us an escape from our rolling chair-bound woes. The skyscraper scaling group spearheaded by Vitaliy Raskalov and Vadim Makhorov bring their exploits to Hong Kong for a new stunt: hacking a massive billboard to give the city a larger-than-life, “What’s up?”

The larger than live video takes you on a journey through the busy streets of Hong Kong then up the colossal building to capture their daring act. Already at 1 million hits, the dynamic team shows no signs of stopping regardless of the law or breaking the law. Which further questions their actions of mere egotism or renegade pioneers in a new form of self expression. Taking a stand against noisy advertisers and the immense commercialization of our urban fabric.

Video courtesy of On The Roofs

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