Stella Gives Beautifully

The question increasingly faced by advertisers: How do you add value to a 30-second TV spot, particularly if it’s a global campaign? Stella Artois has come up with a novel way of doing it with its holiday campaign this year. In a series of online films, it’s telling the stories of several props that appear in the beer brand’s TV spot, “Give Beautifully.” Each is being given away by the brand, attached to an interesting human story.

Stella Artois and agency Mother arranged for the props — a piano, a camera, holiday lights and “snow” — to be gifted to an unsuspecting person by their loved ones. The film above features the touching story of Pablo, whose wife blankets a Buenos Aires street in fake snow to remind him of their first date, when it snowed in the city in 2007 for the first time since 1918.


Maeve moved from Dublin to London so she could be with her boyfriend, Brendan. She was forced to leave behind her beloved piano as it was way too big to move. A passionate pianist, Maeve hasn’t played since. This holiday season, see the beautiful surprise Brendan plans for her.

“Rachel moved to Nashville, TN, to follow her dream of being a documentary filmmaker. She makes beautiful films highlighting local artists and members of her community. As she strives to grow as a storyteller, she has been saving up for a camera that will improve her craft. This year, her best friend Emily wants to give Rachel a gift to help her realize her ambitions.

Parson Landing is a Christmas tree farm just outside of Portland, OR. Each year, people bring the farm’s trees home and decorate them in lights. But, one tree stands strong as others are cut, never going anywhere: a 100-year-old oak. Every year owner Jeff dreams about seeing his oak tree draped in lights, glowing against the Oregon sunset. See how Jaimee, Jeff’s wife, gives him a special gift this season.

It never snows in Buenos Aires. But one day in 2007, it did and that was the day of Florencia and Pablo’s first date. They’ve been inseparable ever since. For their wedding anniversary, Florencia wants to recreate the magic of the couple’s first date. See how she surprises her husband and the people of Buenos Aires with a rare, beautiful gift.

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