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Hotel Katajanokka, Helsinki, a Tribute Portfolio Hotel

I stayed at a Tribute Hotel, here is my review of Hotel Katajanokka, Helsinki.

Winnie-the-Pooh: Exploring a Class exhibition at the ROM during COVID

Before the lockdown, the first one, I was able to see the exhibition Winnie-the-Pooh: Exploring a Classic at the ROM created by the Victoria and Albert Museum in London.  If you grew up on Disney, as I did, my favourite character was Winnie-the-Pooh. I had almost everything you could have as it relates to the cute little bear. So, when I heard there was an entire exhibition dedicated to this wonderful character, I couldn’t resist seeing it, despite us being in a pandemic  Because my background is in design, I look at things much differently than your average visitor. I look at the overall design of the exhibition than the content. I know, it’s the content that the curators’ take pride in developing the overall story. But to me, it’s how the content is displayed that really brings those little pieces of content to life. The pros of visiting a world-class museum during a pandemic are that there isn’t really anyone around. I mean, crickets. So you get to experience the museum with a different …

Toronto Art Biennial: The Shoreline Dilemma

As Ontario and many other provinces call for a state of emergency in an attempt to slow the COVID-19 pandemic, it is leaving its citizens cooped up in self-isolation subject to hours of binge-watching on Netflix. As an avid lover of the arts, and a board member to a local media arts centre, I too had made the decision to temporarily close our doors as many other institutions are forced to reduce social gathering and the spread of the virus. This has resulted in any museums offering virtual tours of their exhibitions in an attempt to continually engage with their members.  Several months ago before the pandemic hit our shores, Toronto hosted its first Art Biennial, 72 days of free art. Did you get a chance to catch one of over 20 programs scattered across the city of Toronto and Mississauga? Taking a very academic and political topic, “The Shoreline Dilemma”. On an autumn weekend, I bring my friends, who “like” art, to the Small Arms Inspection Building in Mississauga located on the Lakeshore. I …

Get Out, life imitating art

I finally watched this modern contemporary portrayal of race in America set within a horror movie. Maybe because I’m neither black or white, some of the innuendos I may have been missed, but being an Asian female, I have lived through many racial profiled moment. And, will admit that I have either used it to my advantage or failed to even recognize the situation.

The Icarus Deception

I was told to read this book last year while, I was in an interview for a creative agency. I didn’t get the job but the Creative Director told me not to go into despair because this is the perfect time to ‘create art’. So, I finally picked up the book several weeks ago and read it twice in a matter of a week. It starts with an iconic story about Icarus, which we have heard many times before, but uncovers the truth of the whole story. Essentially, this book is about inspiration and de-brainwashing of the industrial age. As humans, we are not meant to be efficient like the machines of the era before. If we are truly artists, then we should look for connections not the bottom line. What I really enjoyed about the read was the comparison that the gods we read about are now the modern people of today, “myths are ancient truths about what we are capable of,” – Seth Godin.