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The Carnivore Diet

I definitely consider myself a carnivore. I really don’t like vegetables unless it’s fresh from the garden or in a stir-fry, with meat. I saw a holistic practitioner to learn more about my diet and there was a moment when my body didn’t reject meat but was ok with it. She didn’t like the results and reset the test and my body shouldn’t have pork. As part of my rugby training, I’ve eliminated alcohol and added sugar. So dieting is part of my lifestyle. I’ve tried the bulletproof diet and really didn’t like the amount of fat I was consuming. I’ve tried eliminating carbs but would nearly go insane because of starvation.

But the carnivore diet is something that might be interesting to try as outdoor practice starts to ramp up. I don’t have the typical body for rugby but I have the speed and endurance. As I’ve been getting older, I’ve been looking for any way to give myself an edge over the young guns on my team. Limiting my diet and training during the off-season saw significant results last year. This year, I feel that I need to step it up another notch and might try this diet for a month before the season starts. Stay tuned for more blog entries about my progress.

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