Interior Design Show 2017

This year, the 2017 Interior Design Show came back with a full force. For the first time in several years, this pinnacle event to showcasing the up-and-coming trends of the season finally has lived up to it’s name.

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The Art of Scent Design at TO DO 2017


This one day event really intrigued me because as an interior designer, we are taught materiality, space planning, building code, but no where in our education did aromas and how an environment can seem different just by infusing a smell into the equation. Continue reading “The Art of Scent Design at TO DO 2017”

PNEU | a spatial experience


Set within the historic Church of Holy Trinity in the heart of Trinity Square and steps from the Eaton Centre, the opening party of the Toronto Design Offsite Festival launched. The main feature of the event is an installation from Design Fabrication Zone (DFZ), Ryerson University’s interdisciplinary incubator for design and fabrication. This is the description of the installation provided by the designers: Continue reading “PNEU | a spatial experience”

Things TO DO: Toronto Design Offsite Festival 2017

The Toronto Design Offsite Festival (TO DO) is Canada’s largest cultural celebration of design with over 100 exhibitions and events forming Toronto’s design week, January 16-22, 2017.

Going into its 7th year, TO DO transforms Toronto into a hub for creativity, taking design and art out of the studio and into the urban sphere, bringing people together to celebrate contemporary culture. We provide opportunities for emerging talent, and engage the community with exceptional and accessible public programming. Continue reading “Things TO DO: Toronto Design Offsite Festival 2017”

The Cranberry Resort…don’t stay there

Ever year, we have a girls week and go to Blue Mountain to enjoy the winter season. Last year, we stayed at the Living Water and got a really good package…but felt we may have paid too high for all the bells and whistles. Continue reading “The Cranberry Resort…don’t stay there”

Museum of Art, Architecture and Technology (MAAT)

October of last year, I traveled to Lisbon Portugal to visit the 4th Lisbon Architecture Trienniale. As part of the opening the newly constructed MAAT (Museum of Art Architecture Technology) opened it’s doors to the public. The undulating structure, designed by AL_A is located on the River Tagus in the district of Belem, at the heart of an urban revitalization plan along Lisbon’s historic waterfront.

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BE PASSIONATE | A Conversation with Jean-Pierre Lacroix

As part of an intimate series to get to know some of our FUTURE5 speakers, Digifest reached out to interview Jean-Pierre Lacroix President of Shikatani Lacroix, a multidisciplinary studio based in Toronto. When it comes to the design industry, JP Lacroix is always one step ahead in the branding and design game. A visionary design thinker, author and speaker, JP maintains an unwavering focus on the latest and emerging trends. Highlights of the conversation are below. Continue reading “BE PASSIONATE | A Conversation with Jean-Pierre Lacroix”

Woodlove at IDS 2016

IMG_4492Images by Lauren Miles & Richelle Sibolboro

Richelle Sibolboro is Managing Editor of OpenCity Projects

WOODLOVE was a curated space at the 2016 Interior Design Show which was on show a couple weeks ago. The little wood trading post helps consumers identify and purchase locally made Ontario Wood products. The space is an homage to our proud Canadian heritage and wood’s role in shaping our history.


Dom Pérignon Lounge and Raw Bar


For this summer, Dom Pérignon and the Bulgari Hotel Milan have realized a unique opportunity for all the Champagne lovers: the Dom Pérignon Lounge & Raw Bar, situated in the secret garden of the Hotel Bulgari, Milan.

Cassina Contract realized the complete Fit-Out and supplied all custom-made loose furniture for the Dom Pérignon Lounge & Raw Bar, highlighting both the sophisticated attitudes and philosophies of Dom Pérignon and the Maison.


The Bulgari Hotel Milan is situated in the cultural and commercial heart of the city that, behind its austere façades, still hides unexpected courtyards and green spots. One such space is the Bulgari Hotel’s 4,000-square-meter private garden, a natural extension of the nearby Botanical Garden, a restorative oasis of serenity and relaxation in the midst of Milan’s busy pace.

Characterized by a casual but still chic atmosphere, the Dom Pérignon Lounge & Raw Bar, the only one in Italy, represents a new location designed to offer the chance to taste the prestigious collection of Dom Pérignon Champagnes –Blanc, Rosé and P2 Deuxième Plénitude – and 1990 OEnothèque and 1969 OEnothèque as an exclusive, perfectly combined with the refined culinary proposals by Roberto Di Pinto, executive chef of the Hotel.


The new Dom Pérignon Lounge & Raw Bar is hidden by a tall hedge of red beech, that embraces the space and reveals a cozy as well as exclusive ambient, perfectly in accord with the unmistakable Bulgari style.
The space is surrounded by thin dividing panels, designed as an intersections’ game of vertical frames and rods, through which the light can easily filter, revealing a soft atmosphere, absolutely welcoming at every hour of the day.


To perfectly recreate the Bulgari allure, Cassina Contract has chosen to realize all the custom-made furniture (tables and chairs, the bars, the DJ console, the welcome desk) in black. The fabrics chosen for the seats’ upholstery are black as well, with some gold accents, to underline the Dom Pérignon style, and to brighten up the ambience.

San Juan Grill by Kob&Co.

Screen shot 2015-07-03 at 1.56.05 PM

San Juan Grill  is a restaurant offering high quality cuts of meat and specializing in Northern Mexican regional cuisine. Located at the Nuevo Sur development in Monterrey Mexico, its menu is a fusion of contemporary elements with honest traditional Mexican food.

Screen shot 2015-07-03 at 1.58.05 PM

The design reflects the origins and processes of the company which funded the restaurant, having started as a butcher’s shop in 1952, it grew to become the most successful chain of butcher’s shops Monterrey, a city known for its traditional barbeques.

Screen shot 2015-07-03 at 1.57.50 PM

San Juan butcher’s shops have a historic presence in the city, and decided to enrich it by creating a restaurant where they can pair their best product with a warm and straightforward dining experience.

Screen shot 2015-07-03 at 1.57.40 PM

The mood integrates the butcher’s shop expertise and the food processes as part of the experience. Materials linked traditionally to the cattle industry were used, such as iron, wood, leather and fire.

Screen shot 2015-07-03 at 1.56.35 PM

The space is divided into six areas, these consist of the terrace and entrance, bar, private dining area, grill area, bathrooms and kitchen/administration. Each zone is defined by suspended elements which accentuate and determine the space in three visual dimensions highlighted by with contrasting materials.

Screen shot 2015-07-03 at 1.56.29 PM

The openness and height of the space was preserved, while the material palette was selected to reflect the traditional and contemporary image of the butcher’s shop. Natural materials like wood, leather and stone represent the agricultural beginings, more processed materials such as metal and glass divide and frame the five different interior areas where both past and present collide. Simplifying the shapes and textures of a grazing range, a pattern was made for the terrace where plants divide the reception and waiting areas and frame the exterior space.

San Juan Grill

Project type: Commercial Interior
Location: Monterrey,Nuevo León Mexico
Year: 2015
Client: San Juan Grill

DesignTeam: Diego Licea,Carolina Basurto Torres, Tatiana Posadas
Project Manager: Berenice Gomez
Construction Supervision: Guillermo Gutierrez de Velasco Schmidt, Alejandro Cantu

Photography: GroovyChaos