Going Local in the Junction

Located at Dundas Street West, just east Keele the DUKE presentation centre, designed by local studio Mason Studio is an authentic reflection of the surrounding neighbourhood. By collaborating with local artists the space celebrates the talent and unique identity of the Junction. Like a perfectly choreographed dance, the movement through the space is full of … Continue reading Going Local in the Junction

Raw Food Diet

I must admit that when I was first approached with the idea of eating raw, images of carrots and celery with dip came to my mind. But the demonstration by Marni Wassserman of Delicious Kitchen completely changed my point of view, as she provided us with a five course meal that ranged in seasonal ingredients … Continue reading Raw Food Diet

Riding for Heart

Early Sunday morning, the TAS team took part in the 26th annual Ride for Heart, which prompts the closure of the Gardiner Expressway and Don Valley Parkway. The team started their journey at 8:30am which proved to be an advantage as they missed the heavy rain fall and long line-ups at the beginning of the … Continue reading Riding for Heart