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The Aalto House – Helsinki, Finland

All photography by Richelle Sibolboro

Chipinque Residence by Jakob Gomez

Monterrey is well known for its imposing-scale mountains. Located in Chipinque, part of the Sierra Madre Oriental, this residence by Jakob Gomez, offers unique panoramic views of the valley and the surrounding nature. Built in the 70s the building complex was intended to provide affordable housing in the area. With only 61 square meters (~657 sqft) the goal was to update the nearly 40-year old concrete structure by reorganizing the layout and rethinking natural light, materials and finishes. The rearrangement of areas (kitchen, living, dining and bedrooms) orbit around a center (yellow) foyer, and mirrors the materials throughout. All finish materials were carefully selected to reflect the characteristic color shades and materials provided by the local limestone and pine wood.

Daniel’s Lane

Sited on a narrow, one-acre, oceanfront lot, the design of this house was one of the first projects in the Village of Sagaponack to be affected by the 2010 revision to FEMA flood elevations, requiring a first floor elevation of approximately 17 feet above sea level with a maximum height allowance of 40’. All construction was required to be located landward of the Coastal Erosion Hazard Line. The location within a high velocity (VE) wind zone added to the planning and structural challenges. The residence Blaze Makoid Architecture created appears simple and clean upon arrival. The two story travertine entry façade is highlighted with a single opening accentuated by a cantilevered afromosia stair landing that hovers off the ground.  A ‘cut and fold’ in the wall plane bends to allow for one large glass opening, from which an over scaled wood aperture containing the main stair landing cantilevers. A layer of service spaces run parallel to the wall plane creating a threshold prior to reaching the horizontal expanse of the open plan living room, dining …

House GEPO by OYO

Architecture firm OYO (Open Y Office) has created a single-family house where the concept of less is the result and not the goal. Conceived as a place without boundaries, the use of steel throughout the structure gives the experience of an open plan. The garden is the living room, the small lake is the bathroom, and the kitchen is next door. There is no need for ornament, just a pure minimalistic approach to the idea of living. \    Project Information: House GEPO Architects:  OYO – Open Y Office Location: Wijgmaal, Belgium Area: 180 sqm Year: 2012 Photography: Tom Janssens

OLS Valley Residence by J. Mayer H.

Built on the hillside near Stuttgart, Germany, sits OLS House, a four person residence by J. Mayer H. Architects. Taking advantage of the panoramic views of the valley, the house is divided into areas for public and private areas. The elevated ground floor is equipped with a utility room and spa which opens up to the second level which contains the living, diving and kitchen zones. The upstairs quarters includes the bedrooms, dressing areas and bathrooms. The structure is built out of reinforced concrete. The aluminum and glass facade consists of a insulated heat compound system. Slats and anti-glare sheeting provide an integrated network protecting it from sun and heat. The deep roof and recessed balcony is made with  pre-weathered zinc plate cladding which is fitted with solar panels. The exterior areas are paved in a woven surface. The central design element is a sculptural staircase that connects all three levels. Open concept kitchen with floor to ceiling windows provide an uninterrupted view of the basin with a terrace that overlooks the garden. Living room …