Daniel’s Lane

Sited on a narrow, one-acre, oceanfront lot, the design of this house was one of the first projects in the Village of Sagaponack to be affected by the 2010 revision to FEMA flood elevations, requiring a first floor elevation of approximately 17 feet above sea level with a maximum height allowance of 40’. All construction … Continue reading Daniel’s Lane

House GEPO by OYO

Architecture firm OYO (Open Y Office) has created a single-family house where the concept of less is the result and not the goal. Conceived as a place without boundaries, the use of steel throughout the structure gives the experience of an open plan. The garden is the living room, the small lake is the bathroom, … Continue reading House GEPO by OYO

By converting half of this space into a studio with independent external access, the built area is increased as well as the actual use of the open space that now creates a passage to the kitchen and to this new room. Continue reading