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What’s Trending at the 2014 Interior Design Show


The Toronto Interior Design Show (IDS14) celebrates Canadian design in all its facets. Yet, amid all the glitz and glamour, I noticed a trending theme among the community that was leaning towards sustainability, efficiency and materiality.
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Take for example the Solo Home. It is an energy-efficient, turnkey, rapid build Bunkie with interiors out of a design magazine. The multi-functional space features audio-video technology, kitchen innovation and landscape design. What I found to be a great gesture is that after the exhibition it will reside at the Rochester Place Golf Club and Resort on Lake St. Clair, extending its lifespan as not only an educational installation but as a functioning facility.

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As a staple in most design shows, Philippe Starck premiered the latest edition to the Axor line with ‘Axor Starck Organic‘. The bathroom collection combines unique detailing with a highly sensual water experience that focuses on low consumption. Borne out of a revolutionary control concept, functionality and ecological qualities the collection guarantees responsible use of the element in the most minimalistic way.

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One company that made their booth an evolving installation was Satin Finish. Known hardwood flooring they set out to generate ideas and answers to the question: “How do you help save the Planet?” Individuals were invited to draw and write on their wall commenting on how they make the world a little greener each day.

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Ryerson School of Interior Design brought a different tone to the show this year provoking a sense of urgency and response to food security in Canada. Their approach was to create a booth that reflected a time of opulence and luxury on the outside; meanwhile as you peer inside it tells a different story of scarcity and poverty. The dichotomy between the two realities provoked a sense of change through design.

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And of course, design darlings the Brothers Dressler featured their diverse work in Studio North. Always striving to maximize the natural features and strengths of responsibility-sourced material the team showcased their bespoke furnishings, lighting and special objects. Through their commitment to sustainability they tell a different story behind furniture acquisition and local manufacturing.
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