Cassandra Cucine premiers at EUROCUCINA 2014

Cassandra Cucine is an emerging, Greek company that designs and manufactures innovative and exclusive kitchen furniture systems. They are proud to be the world’s first creators of curved cabinets in front view, while others’ cabinets are curved in plan view. The design’s innovation lies in the additional fact that the entire kitchen, including the hanging … Continue reading Cassandra Cucine premiers at EUROCUCINA 2014

Objet de Cuisine

Angela Cho, has designed a tea whisk that emphasizes the beauty of tea ceremonies. This western interpretation simplifies and modernizes the intricate lines of its original form. Designed to feel like an extension of the hand, the geometric shapes and sharp corners, offering a juxtaposition to the curvilinear form of a traditional tea whisk. Aside … Continue reading Objet de Cuisine