Cassandra Cucine premiers at EUROCUCINA 2014


Cassandra Cucine is an emerging, Greek company that designs and manufactures innovative and exclusive kitchen furniture systems. They are proud to be the world’s first creators of curved cabinets in front view, while others’ cabinets are curved in plan view. The design’s innovation lies in the additional fact that the entire kitchen, including the hanging cabinets, are free-standing and can be also installed without any wall support.

CASSANDRA Cibronze01

The entire hull and doors are made of premium grade waterproof plywood, while different materials such as natural veneer, glass, brass, stainless steel can be applied on the doors for special finishing.

CASSANDRA Cibronze02

The manufacturing process is a synergy of CNC machinery along with hand made craft of highly skilled carpenters. Each kitchen is tailor made: it can be adjusted to different floor plans and support various electrical appliances according to the customer’s needs.

CASSANDRA Cibronze03

There are cases where we can apply side cabinets with unobtrusive finishing so as to keep the eye only to the arched hull of the main structure.

CASSANDRA Cibronze04

It’s shape raises a radical differentiation at the kitchen industry while the elliptical shape embodies the very soul of Cassandra Cucine. The hanging cabinets are based on the opposed vertical columns exactly as it happens with a bridge.

CASSANDRA Crystalli01

The novelty of the design lies in the additional fact that the entire kitchen, including the hanging cabinets, are freestanding and can be placed without any wall support.

CASSANDRA Crystalli02

Cassandra Cucine goes beyond the established geometry of the kitchen furniture systems. The goal is to spread worldwide a different way of living unlike anything else seen before. A daring design that matches the every day utility with the exclusivity of a masterpiece of furniture.

CASSANDRA Crystalli03

Objet de Cuisine


Angela Cho, has designed a tea whisk that emphasizes the beauty of tea ceremonies. This western interpretation simplifies and modernizes the intricate lines of its original form. Designed to feel like an extension of the hand, the geometric shapes and sharp corners, offering a juxtaposition to the curvilinear form of a traditional tea whisk. Aside from this function of mixing matcha powder, this piece is meant to develop curiosity and spark a conversation.




LITOS by Alberto Villarreal


Industrial designer Alberto Villarreal has design a modular system of storage pieces made out of concrete and walnut for Brain&Storm branding agency.


The stacking elements in the ‘LITOS’ system allow the pieces to be re-arranged on either their long or short side.


Formed with a cylinder hole in the middle to accommodate wine bottles, the work takes on a sculpture quality, adding dimension and depth to its geometric shape.


‘LITOS’ is available at Common People Concept Store in Mexico City.