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Junction TO DO Festival

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Don’t know what to see this year for the Toronto Offsite Design Festival (TO DO)? The 65 locations can be quite overwhelming to digest at first glance. Well, if you are looking for a design centric area, The Junction is the place to be. Not only did SMASH provide the location for the official party but it also has the most installations in a single area with 19 exhibitions! Here is a quick list of places to visit if you in the neighbourhood this weekend.
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DESIGNLINE LOVES The Museum of No Good. One of several locations tagged by the infamous design trending magazine. The Museum features objects that at one time may have had purpose but now because of technology and need are no longer relevant to society. See more on the installation here.

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Mjolk also got a nod from DESIGNLINES, which features a retrospective exhibition by Lucia Nichetto along with a new collection of coffee accessories, which are inspired by Italian coffee culture. The contour of the items gives an impression of delicacy and detail. The porcelain objects are produced locally and come in an array of colours.

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But it wasn’t just new objects being premiered at TO DO, re-used and recycled items were also emerging as a strong theme within the design community. Pandemonium Books & Discs served as the space for ‘Design by Nature: A creative re-use of salvaged materials’. Scott Eunson Studios’ created ‘End Grain Block Bench’ for the installation. The solid block was assembled from massive timbers and CNC carved with a pattern derived from microscopic end-grain. The cells are scaled so that they function as places to sit. An emphasized materiality combined with an organic complexity aims to give a new understanding of wood, its physical qualities, structure and patterns.

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In addition to repurposing, collaborations served to create new experiences in unexpected places. The Hair Lounge, a surprising location to have an installation showcases Karcass teaming up with Darlene Adams at to create a window display appropriately themed ‘What’s Dead, is Alive Again.’ The installation is an exploration of new growth forming and evolving from the cities dead and unwanted remains.

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Paper was also a popular material for designers this year. Above Ground Art Supplies, ARTiculations and Cornerstone Home Interiors all featured work by artists who folded, cut and manipulated the substance to create landscaped installations that provoked new experiences and dimensions.

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