Gabriel Chandelier lights up the Palace of Versailles

A dramatic new chandelier created by Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec with the support and expertise of Swarovski is lighting up the entrance to the King’s Grand Apartments at the Palace of Versailles. The award-winning designers created a majestic chandelier made of Swarovski crystal whose sweeping grace and modern lines integrate harmoniously with the historically charged … Continue reading Gabriel Chandelier lights up the Palace of Versailles

See the Light

This year’s concept spaces will spotlight iconic lighting brands from around the world. See the Light will feature lighting as the driving force behind the interior design of a space, rather than a complementary addition to a room. Design studios have partnered with top lighting manufacturers to create four very unique spaces. WilliamsCraig Inc. is … Continue reading See the Light

Light is Falling

28.280 is a massive vertical installation by Vancouver-based designer Omer Arbel. Located in the main atrium of the Victoria and Albert Museum for the 2013 London Design Festival, the exhibition features lighting by Canadian design brand Bocci. The intent of the installation is twofold; On the one hand, it is a pure celebration of the … Continue reading Light is Falling

IN VITRO by Tat Chao

Montreal-based designer Tat Chao has created IN VITRO, an upcycled collection that takes the beauty of glassware and crystal and transforms them into new pieces. The handmade items were carefully chosen from second-hand shops and then were assembled with a  simple bounding adhesive. The ensemble demonstrates the ‘Slow Design’ trend, exhibiting the rebirth from the … Continue reading IN VITRO by Tat Chao

Flask by Tom Dixon

British design and manufacturing company Tom Dixon has design GEM. Part of the Rough and Smooth collection, presented at this year’s 2013 Salone del Mobile in Milan, Italy, like a mysterious chemistry experiment FLASK is a spherical object made up of two, hand-blown, glass components, with a ridged and rounded base and a smoked-glass hood. Continue reading Flask by Tom Dixon