Future by Design: The Future Designer


Tonight, RGD hosted Future By Design, a free live screening and interactive discussion of ‘The Future Designer’,  hosted by George Brown College.

The design industry is constantly shifting to leverage advances in technology, accommodate demographic & ethnographic trends and adopt new and innovative ways of thinking. As new opportunities for creative work emerge, what skills will be required and how do we ensure future generations of designers have the skills necessary to maintain relevance for our industry? Join a discussion of the changing roles, opportunities and challenges facing the future designer.

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Designer Series: Christina Ott

Christina Ott is the founder of Crow Art Design Build, a local custom art installation shop located in the trendy Junction neighbourhood. In the video, Christina walks us through the design process, and the many items created for the curiosity cabinet. Located in the entry way of the DUKE presentation centre, the installation showcases the different flavours of the neighbourhood through ceramic tools, botanical items and wooden artifacts.