Container Culture

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In 2012, TAS created the ‘How Do You Live’ exhibition for the Interior Design Show. Six shipping containers were transformed from a utilitarian vessel into inviting living quarters. Showcasing how one can live in a small yet designed footprint.
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‘That’s the irony. We’ve taken a box, and with the city’s best creators, made it interesting’ says Mazyar Mortazavi, President & CEO of TAS. The installation took visitors through a maze of rooms, which were stacked geometrically, to provoke individuals to rethink their own spaces.

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If you frequent the Junction Flea you might notice that those shipping containers have made their way from the Convention Centre exhibition grounds to the Dundas and Keele market site. Every second Sunday of the month, several vendors have the opportunity to repurpose the 20′ x 80′ cubes into functioning retail spaces. Taking the original concept of compact living out into the urban context. The spaces are reimagined into tiny vintage vignettes for the local community.

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TAS prides itself in partnering with community members to activate spaces for economic development. Fostering engagement with all levels of the neighbourhood to promote social innovation and facilitate new forms of entrepreneurship.

Syrup Anyone?


Montreal-based studio A+J Metissage (Amélie Lucier + Julien Mongeau) have created a collection of colourful maple syrup containters. The glass pieces are a result of a playful exchange of ideas that invert materials to create new unique characters. The simple combinations are not only decorative but are still very functional. All the products are handmade in Montreal, Quebec.

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