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Suncayr wins again!

This year’s Skyrocket Brand Prize was a close call. Each company had something unique and useful they wanted to bring to the world to make our lives better. Whether it is a platform for growing your own food, eradicating homelessness, protecting yourself from skin cancer, promoting active lifestyle or choosing the right education. But Waterloo-based startup Suncayr beat out the competition with their passion for social impact.

Brian Pullen – Path to a Product

Brian Pullen is a designer and entrepreneur living and working in Toronto, Canada. He has been a creative director of more than 200 digital projects, ranging from websites to apps and games. In his Keynote presentation, Brian discusses “The Path to a Product – Building startups & making things,” bringing his experience in processes,business models, design philosophies, management structures and digital strategy to the talk. As a design and product advisor to more than 50 startups, and to a number of accelerator programs across North America his insight and knowledge in developing emerging startups and entrepreneurs is very inspiring. More reading about startups: You Have to Have Something Else – A Conversation with Brian Pullen here

TeaBOT debuts at Nuit Blanche

The winner of Digifest’s 2015 IT’S A START Pitch Competition, TeaBot, debuted it’s custom tea dispenser at MaRs Discovery District during Nuit Blanche last week. All night long it served custom cups of tea to the crowds of people looking for something hot on the chilly night. 2016 IT’S A START Pitch Competition is now open. Apply online today.

Apple ups its game with staff offering fashion advice for wearables

Apple has hired Tag Heuer’s sales and retail VP Patrick Pruniaux to help market the Apple Watch to a larger audience. Understanding that it’s current tech-driven sales tactics will need to be massaged to create larger appeal, Apple is now training its staff to offer suggestions for customers on how the Apple Watch can be styled into their wardrobe based on their clothing and lifestyle. As fashion collides with technology would you look to Apple for fashion advice? (via HYPEBEAST)

DIAMOND SHADES by 13&9 Design

The Geometric Collection represents the combined skills from multiple professions – each with an individual history, background and approach to design. The first release of the Geometric Collection is titled Diamond Shades and is a limited edition collection which features distinct contours and facets, produced with high quality craftsmanship, made by hand in Austria.

Material Lust does Lighting

Handmade in Italy by artisans outside of Florence the new Material Lust Lighting Collection expands the Geometry is God furniture collection released in 2014. The line is driven by a fascination with Pagan and Alchemical symbolism and ancient geometries. With this series, we have attempted to reinterpret these markings without losing the potency of their primary aesthetic.

Harrods Cafe by DRS

The 160 m2 sandwich cafe takes inspiration from classical London club interiors using hues such as deep green, dark blue and rich burgundy. The brand new sandwich bar has been refashioned as an unusually chic and comfortable bolthole to complement the acres of retail within the world renowned department store. Tom Dixon Sandwich is furnished with the latest innovations in brass lighting and deeply upholstered club chairs, marble clad tables and pierced metal screens, all from the Tom Dixon collection and some previously unseen. The result is a gastronomic oasis literally sandwiched between the two Tom Dixon furniture concessions on the third floor.

Sony looks to revolutionize the way doors lock

In attempt to divert some attention from Sony Pictures’ recent security breach, the Japanese conglomerate reveals its latest innovation, the Qrio Smart Lock. Touted as the smallest and most intuitive of its kind, the device allows users to open doors with their smartphones and share encrypted keys with friends through messaging apps like LINE and Facebook. Sony has chosen to launch Qrio via crowdfunding site Makuake as a way to bring back the pioneering spirit that defined the company in previous decades. While this invention isn’t the first, it is expected to retail for around ¥15,000 JPY ($126 USD) which is cheaper than most alternatives. Sony also claims it can be quickly and securely installed without any tools.

Gabriel Chandelier lights up the Palace of Versailles

A dramatic new chandelier created by Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec with the support and expertise of Swarovski is lighting up the entrance to the King’s Grand Apartments at the Palace of Versailles. The award-winning designers created a majestic chandelier made of Swarovski crystal whose sweeping grace and modern lines integrate harmoniously with the historically charged location. The piece, which is over 12 metres high, is suspended in loops from the ceiling like a luminous transparent chain. It comprises three interlacing strands, each made of hundreds of Swarovski crystals illuminated by luminous LED light-sources which diffuse a gentle, continuous and encircling light. These immense, supple lines form an organic design ruled by the laws of gravity which each viewer will experience differently as they gradually ascend the two flights of steps of the Staircase. To create the chandelier, the designers chose crystal, the material traditionally used in the making of chandeliers for ceremonial rooms, in order to establish a strong link between the past and the present. They called upon the expertise and technological mastery of …