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Pebble by Allegory at Milan Design Week


Entrances used to be important spaces, they have now been reduced to their minimum size, or have even been suppressed in some cases. The object is narrow, it accompanies the wall while being fixed on it.


Pebble by Allegory offers modularity. A generous metal horizontal bar lays at an
eye-height and is ready to receive pebble-modules of various sizes and thus functions. Each type of pebble has a particular size, colour and depth. It can be turned upside-down and can so become a tray, a pcket tray, a mirror, a shelf, a coat peg. 09_Pebble©Allegory-2014_edit

To compose and organize a rack for it to always adapt to fit to new requirements which can depend on the season and the housing’s occupancy. The metal bar is screwed to the wall. The pebbles are thermolaquered steel, they are also available in anodised aluminium, except for the mirror which is in stainless steel.


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