Urban gardening with EarthBox

I don’t mean to sound like a entrepreneur pitching their product to investors in the Dragons Den, but the Earthbox is the ultimate gardening system. As a designer, I’ve never had a green thumb but these planters really make me feel like an urban farmer. Currently, we are using this revolutionary product on two of our rooftops and as a result, our yield is growing at a rapid pace. I thought it would interesting to take some time to highlight why this system is so innovative.

Since 1994, a decade of scientific research has gone into pioneering the Earthbox. Developed by commercial farmers, the maintenance-free, award-winning structure, controls soil conditions, eliminates guesswork and makes planting a breeze. Where the innovation comes into play is that the fertilizer remains on the top of the soil and the water comes from the bottom of the unit. While this may seem unusual, inventor, Blake Whisenant claims that this system “provides the best possible growing environment for plants…”


Designer Series: Pete Bresse

Pete Bresse is the owner of Eclectic Revival, a local vintage and custom lighting shop located in the trendy Junction neighbourhood. In the video, Pete walks us through the design process, and why his love of cars has translated into his one-of-a-kind designs.


CYQL- a one of a kind ottoman

CYQL is a new ottoman concept developed by Design Laboratoire  made with recycled bicycle inner tubes. The very unique pattern of this wrapping-like process gives it a fantastic look. The mix of tube’s quality, sizes, colors, and prints gives CYQL that unique industrial feeling and makes a real statement in any living room. Each ball is unique and transports different stories within its bicycle tubes.

NEO LAMINATI by Kelly Behun


The Neo Laminati collection is a reinterpretation of some of the 20th century’s most memorable design movements: Avant Garde, OpArt, the Memphis Group and Minimalism. All surfaced in high quality laminates, each piece in the collection is available in a range of finish combinations including three custom
stripe patterns and a rainbow of pre-selected solid colors.

Bench_4 Bench_5 Bench_7 Side_1

Designed by New York-based interior design firm Kelly Behun which specializing in interiors and furniture design.
Alongside artist Alex P. White, the Studio produces unique, highly customized environments that treat the
domestic environment as more of a sculptural landscape than just a pleasing furniture arrangement.

Side_2 Side_3 Side_4 Side_5 Side_6 Side_7 SidePair_1 SidePair_2 SidePair_3 SidePair_5 Vessel_2 Vessel_5 Vessel_6 Vessel_7 Zchair_2 Zchair_3 Zchair_6

Poetic technology by Daan Roosegaarde

Daan Roosegaarde 2014 from Richelle Sibolboro on Vimeo.

Artist and innovator Daan Roosegaarde discusses technology and its ability to translate poetic spaces derived from nature.

This Is Not A Toy

At the intersection of art, design, fashion, music, luxury goods and street culture, ‘This Is Not A Toy’ is THE contemporary art and design show of 2014. Guest curated by Grammy and Oscar-nominated creative Pharrell Williams, the exhibition showcases work that have never been seen in Canada and the world.

Co-curators John Wee Tom and DX Associate Curator and Director of Collections, Sara Nickleson, speak to TAS about the the latest exhibition at the Design Exchange ‘This Is Not A Toy’ and the importance of urban vinyl in modern pop art.