Objet de Cuisine

Angela Cho, has designed a tea whisk that emphasizes the beauty of tea ceremonies. This western interpretation simplifies and modernizes the intricate lines of its original form. Designed to feel like an extension of the hand, the geometric shapes and sharp corners, offering a juxtaposition to the curvilinear form of a traditional tea whisk. Aside … Continue reading Objet de Cuisine


Fusion echoes the energy force that balances the universe as one. Developed by Ryerson University, School of interior Design student Vivian Kwok, the collection takes its influence from the traditional Chinese beliefs of Yin Yang and Wu Xing. Continue reading Fusion

BLACK.SEE by J. Mayer H.

EIGEN + ART Lab in Berlin, Germany, is showcasing the works by J├╝rgen Mayer H. BLACK.SEE is an installation of free standing black sculptures with accompanying wall paintings that are also dark and mysterious. The three-dimensional components are made out of panels which have been milled out into lattice-like, irregular forms that seem rudimentary and … Continue reading BLACK.SEE by J. Mayer H.