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Objet de Cuisine

Angela Cho, has designed a tea whisk that emphasizes the beauty of tea ceremonies. This western interpretation simplifies and modernizes the intricate lines of its original form. Designed to feel like an extension of the hand, the geometric shapes and sharp corners, offering a juxtaposition to the curvilinear form of a traditional tea whisk. Aside from this function of mixing matcha powder, this piece is meant to develop curiosity and spark a conversation. via

LITOS by Alberto Villarreal

Industrial designer Alberto Villarreal has design a modular system of storage pieces made out of concrete and walnut for Brain&Storm branding agency. The stacking elements in the ‘LITOS’ system allow the pieces to be re-arranged on either their long or short side. Formed with a cylinder hole in the middle to accommodate wine bottles, the work takes on a sculpture quality, adding dimension and depth to its geometric shape. ‘LITOS’ is available at Common People Concept Store in Mexico City.

BLACK.SEE by J. Mayer H.

EIGEN + ART Lab in Berlin, Germany, is showcasing the works by J├╝rgen Mayer H. BLACK.SEE is an installation of free standing black sculptures with accompanying wall paintings that are also dark and mysterious. The three-dimensional components are made out of panels which have been milled out into lattice-like, irregular forms that seem rudimentary and incomplete. The vocabulary derives from data protection patterns that aims to protect the personal content of letters sent by government agencies by making sensitive data invisible by presenting a sphere of exclusive knowledge. Photos by Uwe Walter