Maison and Objet Preview: Arc by Tom Dixon


Solid brass table-top utensils with expressive forms, Arc by Tom Dixon is a celebration of no-fuss materiality. Made through a sand-casting process, each piece is unique. ARC BOTTLE OPENER BRASS 2

Science fiction inspired futuristic simplicity combined with practical shapes that are easy to use. Table top architecture for the new age. A stalwart component of the international modern kitchen. ARC CORKSCREW BRASS

Arc comprises a trivet, a bottle opener and a cork screw. The trivet comes in two pieces. It can be combined to form a simple centre piece trivet to protect a table top from heat or water damage, or can be used in multiple configurations. ARC TRIVET 3

Objet de Cuisine


Angela Cho, has designed a tea whisk that emphasizes the beauty of tea ceremonies. This western interpretation simplifies and modernizes the intricate lines of its original form. Designed to feel like an extension of the hand, the geometric shapes and sharp corners, offering a juxtaposition to the curvilinear form of a traditional tea whisk. Aside from this function of mixing matcha powder, this piece is meant to develop curiosity and spark a conversation.