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Russia’s Pride

galeria 72

Olek has done it again. This time, her yarn bombing has taken her to Saint Petersburg, Russia which makes a statement in solidarity with those oppressed by the recent anti-gay law by installing a camouflage rainbow on a classic façade.


“Upon arrival in Russia, one of the first things I saw was a street poster with a rainbow that read, “Beauty in the name of kindness.” In this country the rainbow evokes positive and negative associations. Under the cape of night, I transformed the façade of Galeria, a shopping center, into an explosion of rainbow.”

pride 01 300dpi

“I believe my work speaks on its own. It is clear: sometimes words, sometimes colors, sometimes both. Will they see it? Or will the camouflage hide the true shape of its meaning?”

her 300

“My camouflage, hand-crocheted rainbow stands for love, freedom, friendship, independence, liberty, ability to pursue dreams, integrity, and equal rights.”


“I transformed the human form into a new species. Once a person enters the crocheted skin, their race, color, ethnicity, even sexuality become irrelevant, camouflaged; they are transformed into citizens of Olek’s world, where everyone is free.”

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