Upcycled Tiered Plates

Wilhelm Teller is an upcycled collection of old dishes that are transformed into etagères. Designed by Christian Altherr, Irene Düring and Ana Rangel, the plates are an ensemble of pieces gathered from second hand shops and flea markets. In order to create a unique mix of two or three level combinations, the team had to … Continue reading Upcycled Tiered Plates

IN VITRO by Tat Chao

Montreal-based designer Tat Chao has created IN VITRO, an upcycled collection that takes the beauty of glassware and crystal and transforms them into new pieces. The handmade items were carefully chosen from second-hand shops and then were assembled with a  simple bounding adhesive. The ensemble demonstrates the ‘Slow Design’ trend, exhibiting the rebirth from the … Continue reading IN VITRO by Tat Chao