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Eastlake 17″ Laptop Bag

Constructed from upcycled bicycle tubes, the Eastlake 17″ laptop bag, by Alchemy Goods, is a durable and water resistant portfolio piece. The handles are crafted from reclaimed seat belts creating a distinctive quality to the product’s second life. Each piece is assembled by hand in the company’s Seattle workshop, crafted and examined as to provide the customer with an article that is truly unique.

Upcycled Tiered Plates

Wilhelm Teller is an upcycled collection of old dishes that are transformed into etagères. Designed by Christian Altherr, Irene Düring and Ana Rangel, the plates are an ensemble of pieces gathered from second hand shops and flea markets. In order to create a unique mix of two or three level combinations, the team had to locate the right diamond-tipped drills to make a hole in the hard yet brittle porcelain. The specially designed threaded brass rods connect the pieces, providing a stable and easy to grip connection. The simple connection allows an easy and quick assembling and dismantling. Within the one-off pieces are an interpretation that lies a rediscovery of a practical principle. The idea was inspired three years ago Christian Altherr’s girlfriend who fell in love with an antique porcelain étagère in London. Altherr was not able to afford it, nor could he find a comparable substitute. Instead he set about fashioning his own version, which would become a prototype of the current series. The greatest pleasure comes from those customers who bring inherited tableware that …