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Villa G01: New Generation Luxury Villa

Villa G01 is a luxury villa design to ensure sustainability of the local architectural materials of Sardinia

Riverside Museum by Zaha Hadid Architects

Last year I had the opportunity to travel to Scotland. I took a day and traveled to Glasgow where you can find some of the biggest hitters in architecture all within a kilometer of each other. The Clyde Auditorium (Armadillo) and SSE Hyrdo both designed by Foster and Partners, are right next to one of the best looking museums in all of Europe – The Museum of Transport / The Riverside Museum design by the one and only Zaha Hadid.

Array Seating by Zaha Hadid

Array is a matrix in the language of science and is perfectly inclined to describe the new auditorium seating system designed by Zaha Hadid for Poltrona Frau Contract as it creates a network of visual and geometrical effects in each seating area. The project breaks the mould of traditional auditorium and theatre seating system. Array is a single, compact, dynamic unit. It is a self-rotating structure built on the principles of Euclidean geometry with back, arms and seating appearing to form a single flower bud ready to burst open. It disrupts the traditional visual monotony of rows after row of seats. The design incorporates sculptural angles to create a range of unique visual effects that change according to the viewer’s vantage point and transform the theatre into a welcoming self-contained place. A new concept in seating that combines unconventional shape with ergonomic design and extremely high levels of comfort. The product is an expression of the consolidated artisanal competence gained in one hundred years of tradition in engineering and technological expertise that is constantly evolving …

Marble Walls by Zaha Hadid

The following collection are a series of six large marble panels based on designs by Zaha Hadid. Developed for Citco, the marble and stone sculptures play with neutral tones and three-dimensional, chiaroscuro effete. The source of inspiration is based on the geology of the stone itself. Lace, 400 x 300 cm, Nero Marquina Matrix, 400 x 300 cm, Camelia Black and Black & Gold Ridge, 400 x 300 cm, River Grey Rift, 400 x 300 cm, Rustic Brown Swirl, 400 x 300 cm, Bianco di Covelano Vena Ora Thron, 400 x 300 cm, Nero Marquina  

Zephyr Sofa by Zaha Hadid

The Zephyr sofa by Zaha Hadid is a sculpted piece of lacquered fiberglass, designed for Italian furniture company Cassina Contract. The carved shape was inspired by nature and how rock formations are eroded and shaped by the wind over time. The deeply sculpted backrests and sinuous forms allow the sofa to be arranged in a number of different ways to create a renewed escape from traditional thinking. There was an extremely detailed development process; from prototype through the engineering and manufacturing stages in order to mould the fiberglass into the complex geometries. To produce the dynamic shape with sections carved from its solid base, the combined expertise of Cassina’s industrial, artisan and technological teams had to combine their talents, demanding the highest precision in the final stages. The uniformly lacquered finish, enhances the sofa’s shape and the patterning of cushioning, to further define its complex formal language.

Zaha Hadid that Sh*t

After seeing the many products that Zaha Hadid has designed for this year’s 2013 Salone del Mobile. A question came to my mind: Can these pieces actually fit in an interior designed by Zaha Hadid? The following photo essay explores the age old question: What came first, the chicken or the egg? And does form really follow function? Guangzhou Opera House, 2003-2010 + Serac bench, 2013 Neil Barrett Shop in Shop, 2013 + Aria and Avia Chandeliers, 2013 Roca London Gallery, 2009-20011 + Mercuric Tables, 2013 Glasgow Riverside Museum of Transport, 2004-2011 + Gyre Chair, 2013 Aura – Villa Malcontenta, 2008 + Crest Bench, 2013 Is this a Zaha interior? Well, the Swash Cabinet is:)

Swarm Chandelier by Zaha Hadid

The Swarm Chandelier for Established & Sons, designed by Zaha Hadid, expresses the sense of perpetual motion that characterizes the studio’s work. Its hundreds of reflective black crystals are suspended in petal-like volumes, as if thrown into space by a controlled explosion. From afar, the intricately layered chandelier appears as a unified whole, only revealing its varied modulations and sub-articulations upon closer examination. Photos courtesy of Established & Sons

Mercuric Marble Tables by Zaha Hadid

Mercuric Tables by Zaha Hadid for Citco are a reinterpretation of luxury and craft. The limited edition collection is a set of three tables made of black marquina and bianco di covelano marble. The gold vein that threads itself through the pieces exhibit the strength of the stone and the vigour of nature. The organic shapes alter our perception of traditional limestone structures offering a contemporary and avant-garde interpretation to furniture.

Serif Shelf by Zaha Hadid

Designed by Zaha Hadid for Established & Sons the Seamless collection is a dialogue to geometry and materiality. The limited edition pieces are painted in a bespoke polyester colour and finished to the highest standard in a polyurethane lacquer. The Serif Shelf, pictured above expands on the architectural language that combines repetition and variation while balancing the geometry and materiality that provokes us to re-invent our everyday spaces. Photo courtesy of Established & Sons