Salone del Mobile – The Manifesto

As another Salone del Mobile approaches, one interesting development is to see how exhibitors and the rest of the industry will respond to a new manifesto that was published ahead of the event. The manifesto calls upon the industry to up its innovation and sustainability, citing specifically the need to embrace the “circular economy” and forge meaningful relationships with cultural institutions in the city. Continue reading “Salone del Mobile – The Manifesto”

Zephyr Sofa by Zaha Hadid


The Zephyr sofa by Zaha Hadid is a sculpted piece of lacquered fiberglass, designed for Italian furniture company Cassina Contract. The carved shape was inspired by nature and how rock formations are eroded and shaped by the wind over time.


The deeply sculpted backrests and sinuous forms allow the sofa to be arranged in a number of different ways to create a renewed escape from traditional thinking.

There was an extremely detailed development process; from prototype through the engineering and manufacturing stages in order to mould the fiberglass into the complex geometries.


To produce the dynamic shape with sections carved from its solid base,
the combined expertise of Cassina’s industrial, artisan and technological teams
had to combine their talents, demanding the highest precision in the final stages.


The uniformly lacquered finish, enhances the sofa’s shape and the patterning of cushioning, to further define its complex formal language.

Flask by Tom Dixon


British design and manufacturing company Tom Dixon has design GEM. Part of the Rough and Smooth collection, presented at this year’s 2013 Salone del Mobile in Milan, Italy, like a mysterious chemistry experiment FLASK is a spherical object made up of two, hand-blown, glass components, with a ridged and rounded base and a smoked-glass hood.

GEM by Tom Dixon


British design and manufacturing company Tom Dixon has design GEM. Part of the Rough and Smooth collection, presented at this year’s 2013 Salone del Mobile in Milan, Italy, the series comprises angular lights, tables and mirrors, sand cast from nickel-plated aluminum, taking inspiration from the faces of cut gemstones.

Zaha Hadid that Sh*t


After seeing the many products that Zaha Hadid has designed for this year’s 2013 Salone del Mobile. A question came to my mind: Can these pieces actually fit in an interior designed by Zaha Hadid?

The following photo essay explores the age old question: What came first, the chicken or the egg? And does form really follow function?

Guangzhou Opera House, 2003-2010 + Serac bench, 2013


Neil Barrett Shop in Shop, 2013 + Aria and Avia Chandeliers, 2013


Roca London Gallery, 2009-20011 + Mercuric Tables, 2013


Glasgow Riverside Museum of Transport, 2004-2011 + Gyre Chair, 2013


Aura – Villa Malcontenta, 2008 + Crest Bench, 2013


Is this a Zaha interior? Well, the Swash Cabinet is:)

Aria & Avia by Zaha Hadid


Premiering at this year’s Salone del Mobile, Zaha Hadid has designed two chandeliers for Italian lighting company Slamp.


Aria, is a suspension lamp made of 50 layers of Crystalflex®. Standing 130 cm in height and 90 cm in diameter, this piece is charged with a dramatic sense of motion combined with a weightless fluidity.


Avia is a miniature piece of architecture. Constructed out of 52 different layers of Opalflex® this lamp is transformed into a source of tones and reflections. The item is available in four sizes, extra-large, large, medium and small.




Aria and Avia collection.