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The Icarus Deception

I was told to read this book last year while, I was in an interview for a creative agency. I didn’t get the job but the Creative Director told me not to go into despair because this is the perfect time to ‘create art’. So, I finally picked up the book several weeks ago and read it twice in a matter of a week.

It starts with an iconic story about Icarus, which we have heard many times before, but uncovers the truth of the whole story.

Essentially, this book is about inspiration and de-brainwashing of the industrial age. As humans, we are not meant to be efficient like the machines of the era before. If we are truly artists, then we should look for connections not the bottom line. What I really enjoyed about the read was the comparison that the gods we read about are now the modern people of today, “myths are ancient truths about what we are capable of,” – Seth Godin.

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