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Hello Kitty Train

Why do places like Japan think of inventive ways of taking the mundane task of commuting to a whole another level? Hello Kitty is getting their own themed bullet train which will take to the tracks on June 30th.

Branding gone wrong

Some competitions make sense. But when they don’t, boy does the community have an opinion about it. The Sony Centre for the Performing Arts; the Toronto Centre for the Arts; and the St. Lawrence Centre for the Arts, currently called Civic Theatres Toronto have opened up a “national public naming competition” − with a “great prize package valued at up to $2,500.00” awarded to whoever comes up with a better name than Civic Theatres Toronto for Civic Theatres Toronto.

Bachelor of Branding Charrette

The Institute without Boundaries is known for their charrette process. A quick, dirty and effective way of producing many ideas and then editing it all down to the best possible outcomes. This charrette was to help the faculty and staff develop a new curriculum for a new bachelor degree. As they are in the preliminary phases of research and development, this was an opportunity to receive input from faculty, industry and students to help shape the new program.

IT’S A START 2016 – Creative Camp – Daryl D’Souza, NextStep Social Media Consulting + Lou Dawg’s BBQ

Daryl D’Souza is the co-owner of the Toronto-based Lou Dawg’s restaurants, and a marketing instructor for the G. Raymond Chang School of Continuing Education at Ryerson University. As a Ryerson computer science alumni, he worked as an information technology professional in the eHealth industry. Daryl completed a Masters of Business Administration and launched Lou Dawg’s shortly thereafter with a business partner to create a dining experience that resonated with their personality and student roots. Daryl shares his experiences and knowledge of brand strategy with the 2016 Creative Camp participants in preparation for the final pitch competition at Digifest 2016.

New TAS website

When we launched the first iteration of the TAS website back in the summer of 2013, we focused on presenting the new brand identity and featuring our Four Pillars of Sustainability iconography. As our blog and engagement within the communities started to grow and gain traction we realized that our original position of the blog was not showcasing the amazing things we were doing at TAS.  In light of this, we are delighted to announce the next iteration of our website which went live on February 14, 2014. The most significant change is that we have taken our blog and made it front and centre on the homepage.  Now when visitors land on our website they are presented with the TAS philosophy to city building and a list of our most recent articles. Through this approach, we believe that we are at the forefront of an entirely new kind of condo developer website. We are signaling that, first and foremost, we would like to engage with visitors and engage them in a conversation around key …