Facades and Facilities


The project consists of the renovation of the building existing 10,402m² surface area, the redesign of the facade taking into account the overall structure, the repair of the technical premises, and the optimizing of office surface space.


Private Clinic


The project used an environmental approach to saving energy with exterior insulation, double air flow with heat recovery, a condensing boiler and high-performance double glazing windows.


City in Climate Change


Through the reframing of ‘soft’ and ‘hard’ materials and the integration of architecture, mobile textiles and clean energy infrastructure the house transforms the German passivehaus typology, offering a much more flexible living experience.

It’s a Brick House


Made from the aggregated debris from the Sichuan earthquake, straw fiber and cement, these bricks have been used to build and reconstruct disaster areas, creating new meanings to the ideas of renewable materials and the regeneration of a community.