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Bachelor of Branding Charrette

Commercial Planning Marketing Brand Concept

Idea Commercial Planning Marketing Brand Concept

The Institute without Boundaries is known for their charrette process. A quick, dirty and effective way of producing many ideas and then editing it all down to the best possible outcomes.

This charrette was to help the faculty and staff develop a new curriculum for a new bachelor degree. As they are in the preliminary phases of research and development, this was an opportunity to receive input from faculty, industry and students to help shape the new program.

Because the charrette process allows for creative thinking and collaboration it is very important to understand what the deliverables are, how much time you have to work through the process and how to present it in an engaging way.

The goal of the charrette: To develop a framework that will guide the School of Design in developing a Bachelor’s Degree of Design in Branding

Throughout the day we had several deliverables:

Work to define the field, describe the ideal graduate, brainstorm the degree name, curriculum content and structure, elevator pitch and user scenario.

In the end we came up with the ideal graduate being a ‘love child’ of OCADU and GBC. We named it Bachelor of Design and Branding because our students wanted to be able to understand what exactly they were in for. Our curriculum peppered in more studio ‘real world’ applications and areas for the students to really take on new projects in technology and across the globe to factor in a world of 2023.


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