Toronto Councillors eye permits for drone use

City councillors want to explore the idea of forcing aerial drone operators to get permits and comply with restrictions on flying them over outdoor city spaces including playgrounds. Mayor John Tory’s executive committee unanimously approved Councillor James Pasternak’s motion asking city staff to report back on a “strategy governing the use of drones in the City … Continue reading Toronto Councillors eye permits for drone use

Solar-powered internet drone completes first test flight

A Portuguese startup that aims to use solar-powered drones to provide wireless internet access to offline areas of the world claims to have successfully completed its maiden test flight. The company Quarkson plans to use the SkyOrbiter drones that will stay airborne for weeks, months or even years at a time and will fly at … Continue reading Solar-powered internet drone completes first test flight

Postcards from Pripyat, Chernobyl

Earlier this year Danny Cooke had the opportunity to visit Chernobyl while working for CBS News on a ’60 Minutes’ episode. Described as one of the most interesting and dangerous places he has ever been. The nuclear meltdown at Chernobyl in Ukraine happened in 1986, but the crisis is still with us today. That’s because radiation virtually never dies.

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OK Go!

A new music video from rock band OK Go is a dazzler: One long camera take shows the four band members lip-synching their song “I Won’t Let You Down” while smoothly gliding around on motorized unicycles. They’re joined by more than 2,000 precision-trained Japanese dancers with umbrellas—some of them also riding the unicycles—for a Busby Berkeley-scale dance … Continue reading OK Go!