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Interview with Cool Objects: Dinner with Diaspora, DesignTO

Today I will be interviewing the curators and artists of “Dinner with the Diaspora” – a digital exhibition online at DesignTO. “Dinner with the Diaspora” is a dinner party reimagined during times of increasing uncertainty.

“Diaspora” has traditionally been used to describe “a mass dispersion of a population from its homeland”. Global lockdowns and state of emergencies have made it impossible for many families to convene over the past year and in essence, has dispersed many families from their “home.” In a time where many of us are striving to stay afloat, how do we come together and provide each other the support we need? In the interview, the curators and artists will be taking me through the virtual dining room and will be sharing their narratives and stories about the pieces and works they are presenting in the exhibition.

Cool Objects

Dinner with Diaspora

Mahogany Culture

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Richelle Sibolboro
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