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Interview with Emily Switzer: The Visitors, DesignTO

Emily Switzer started out as a producer in the VFX industry, working on critically acclaimed projects. After 4 years in an administrative position, she decided to re-evaluate her career and go into training as a 3D artist. Now, after 3 years of independent learning and freelancing, she has re-invented herself as a 3D designer and artist, working in the fields of 3D animation and art direction. Her goal is to make stunning visuals that push the expectations of what digital art can achieve.

Currently she has a short film entitled The Visitors online at DesignTO. The short film documents the multiple alien encounters that took place in her garden throughout August 2020. What started as a simple 3D animation experiment evolved into a multi-disciplinary narrative piece exploring the meditative effects of nature.

Watch my interview with Emily where she takes me through her process, inspiration and the concept behind The Visitors:

Richelle Sibolboro
Richelle Sibolboro

Design strategist and content creator for hire with a passion for arts and culture specifically in design, architecture, and travel. She has produced content for designboom, Azure magazine, Open City Projects, Digifest, and World Design Weeks. Follow her on Instagram and LinkedIn.

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