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Lighting up the Landscape


Located in Toronto’s Fort York, during the 2014 Nuit Blanche event, the Semaphore Group created an interactive installation of four transparent mesh cubes, filled with white balloons, were suspended from a 12′ x 12′ wooden frame.


Some balloons were helium-filled and some plain old air-filled. The helium balloons rose to the top and the regular balloons fell to the bottom; thus creating a mysterious negative space between the two masses.


In the dark night the lighting made marvellous shapes against the white balloons. ‘Project Henge’ was a play of light and form – 4 diaphanous cubes in the dark landscape. During the evening the installation took on a whole new meaning.


The original intention was to fill the mesh boxes with the balloons – stand back and visually enjoy. But visitors and passers-by wanted to contribute. Soon enough we had lineups of people waiting to add a balloon and make a wish. Later that night visitors became more interactive with the installation – lying on the ground below the cubes or shaking the mesh cubes and watching the balloons fly.

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