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Toronto Councillors eye permits for drone use

City councillors want to explore the idea of forcing aerial drone operators to get permits and comply with restrictions on flying them over outdoor city spaces including playgrounds.

Mayor John Tory’s executive committee unanimously approved Councillor James Pasternak’s motion asking city staff to report back on a “strategy governing the use of drones in the City of Toronto’s outdoor spaces.”

The rules could apply to residents with increasingly popular recreational drones now exempt from many Transport Canada restrictions on larger commercial drones used for film production and other tasks.

City staff are to report back on a strategy to include, but not be limited to:

  • Any current policies that can be leveraged to ensure the safety of Toronto’s airspace.\
  • Any safety concerns or potential liability issues the City could face due to the use of drones on City of Toronto property.
  • Investigating the need for possible restrictions on the use of drones and photography above outdoor recreation and park facilities;
  • The potential to permit the use of drones in designated spaces.
  • Restrictions on the types and/or models of drones that can be operated in the City of Toronto.

(Via The Toronto Star)

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