Toronto’s Nuit Blanche 2018

“I can do that, all I need is an iPhone and a couple of lights,” this is what my friend says as we go through an interactive experience that flips our image as we walk through.

This is one of the many lack lustered experiences we were hunting down because it was Nuit Blanche and art was in the air. I remember years ago when they had proper funding and sponsorship the top tier artists and installations that flooded the streets of Toronto. Now, I feel there is a real gap in programming, curation and all around art. I had this same experience at Hamilton’s Supercrawl, where I was looking for some real art and was disappointed at what was presented. Continue reading “Toronto’s Nuit Blanche 2018”

Ai Wei Wei – Bicycles Forever at Nuit Blanche Toronto


Nuit Blanche is an evening when the streets of Toronto come alive. From sunset to sunrise, pockets of the city are filled with modern and contemporary art from around the world. This year, my journey thorough the extensive maze began at one end of the city and finished in the center of the action.


Video projects took over the urban landscape with imagery that questioned the existing natural environment among the glass towers.


One of the busiest intersections in Toronto, King and Bay, was overtaken by art enthusiasts as the roads were blocked off for the evening festivities.


Beekeepers meditating captured an audience in the main hall of the AGO as the clock edged closer to midnight.


And finally, the much-anticipated Ai Weiwei Forever Bicycles took center stage at Nathan Phillips Square. The space swarmed with individuals armed with cameras all trying to capture that perfect angle of the compelling installation.