Chicago Architecture Biennial announces Co-Curators

The Chicago Architecture Biennial has announced that curator and educator Sepake Angiama, and architect and urbanist Paulo Tavares will be joining the curatorial team of the 2019 Biennial. This is a great move as in the past two editions there have only been artistic directors leading the helm of the showcase. The co-curators will be working with the Yesomi Umolu, who was selected as the Artistic Director last March. Continue reading “Chicago Architecture Biennial announces Co-Curators”


Make New History: Chicago Architecture Biennial 2017 – Vertical City

Vertical City brings together 15 architects to revisit the 1922 Chicago Tribune Tower Competition that attracted 263 entries from the United States and around the world. Each entry included a rendered perspective from the same vantage point; these were later published as a report alongside a touring exhibition of drawings that stopped at various educational and cultural institutions in the US. The combination of print media, exhibition, and architecture in this instance effectively sealed the imagery of individual towers shown as a collection. The influence and reach of this particular project drove many responses and copies. Continue reading “Make New History: Chicago Architecture Biennial 2017 – Vertical City”