Don’t Waste a Good Crisis

The pandemic has made it possible for art media which would traditionally be seen in the context of a gallery or museum to be streamed online from the comfort of your home. It allows the viewer the freedom and flexibility to search and find content that resonates with them. And for someone like myself that loved to be inspired by new and provoking ideas the excitement of exploring and discovery is now endless.

So, don’t waste a good crisis. 

My searching led me to DIS. A streaming visual media platform that re-imagines society’s relationship to videos and streaming channels, making intellectual theory accessible when it would typically be presented in an academic thesis.

Its philosophy is that the future of learning is much more important than the future of education or “edutainment”. It brings together the intersection between academics and communications with a mission to “inform and mobilize a generation around critical issues” – Lauren Boyle, co-founder DIS. 

Organized into Series, Collections, and Episodes. The series Public Service Announcement, Episode 01: A Good Crisis, commissioned by Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago and Rhizome caught my attention.

Narrated by the Night King (White Walker for those aren’t Game of Thrones inclined) delivers a straight and matter of fact message about the global housing collapse. What is fascinating about the timing of this PSA, is that we all knew another recession would be coming, and now winter is here. If we didn’t learn from the last recession, we better learn now. We can’t afford to waste another crisis and let the government and banks determine our future. We are in another economic revolution and we have to determine how we want to come out of it.