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Gallery of Modern Art (GOMA)


You gotta love a museum with a sense of humour. In the front of the entrance stands an equestrian statue of the Duke of Wellington sculpted by Carlo Marochetti. The statue has a traffic cone on its head. The cone has come to represent the city’s light-hearted attitude to authority in most tourist books.

What I like about modern museums is their ability to push with certain design applications that most traditional museums wouldn’t get away with. For example, one of major exhibits they played with type and typography using not just the wall but the floor and ceiling as a surface for display and information.

One display that caught my eye was a series of prints by Eduardo Paolozzi entitled Blueprint for a new Museum, 1981. They carried with this theme of envisioning a new museum to the children’s portion where kids are encouraged to design their very own mini-museum. I don’t know many institutions that would allow this type of collaboration and imagination within their own walls. It is truly a creative space that defies the norms with this type of open engagement.