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Now and Then: Myseum Intersections

Last night I trekked across the city to see the opening of “Now and Then” a video-art exhibition developed by the RT Collective in collaboration with the Canadian Lesbian and Gay Archives (CLGA), Myseum of Toronto and the Gladstone Hotel.

When I arrived I was surprised to find out that this program is part of Myseum: Intersections, Arrivals + Departures, a festival that explores intersectional perspectives of Toronto through collaborative exhibits, events, workshops, and tours.

My curiosity led me to this exhibit because being on the board of the Factory Media Centre, I wanted to see what other artists and in this case, collectives are doing in the multimedia space. Unfortunately, when I finally found the gallery, I was presented with a small room with 4 small TV’s which were playing looping videos. I did take my time to watch maybe a minute of each of the videos. It made me think that this type of format can also be translated to the digital realm, a.k.a. on a website with the video embedded. Because the videos are quite long, it is better served if the visitor can view them at their own pace. Luckily, I was the only one there but I can’t even imagine if there were more than 10 people in the space. You wouldn’t have any opportunity to experience the art.

Why is art still considered a medium that is presented in a space that you have to go to experience? Why can’t it be translated to online where more people can have the opportunity to see it on their own? Why can’t there be a netflix for art?

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