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Apple Watch and Selfridges

Apple’s partnership with Selfridges has the potential to alter the face of technology retail forever.

This week London’s Selfridges played host to hundreds of curious shoppers craning their necks to get closer to the Apple watch. But, in a uniquely Apple turn of events, they weren’t even customers eager to hand over their cold hard cash – they just wanted to look at it.

The device won’t actually go on full sale until April 24; until then, potential owners can make appointments at Selfridges or Apple stores be talked through the Watch’s features by trained staff and, if they’re lucky, try it on.

The Apple Watch rubs shoulders with Cartier, Rolex and other behemoths of the luxury timepiece world in a corner of Selfridge’s luxury Wonder Room, a neo-classical hall filled with premium jewellery and watches. A long, wooden bench with hollowed-out glass covered centre containing the three Watch collections – the Apple Watch Sport, standard Apple Watch and the luxury Watch Edition – is flanked by tall potted trees, lending the space the feeling of an atrium.

(Via The Telegraph)

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