Dezeen and Instagram team up for @design

In a world where influencers rule the day on social media. Two of the biggest influencers in architecture and design have joined forces to outsource the content. They recently did a call for contributors to be one of the founding members to be featured during Milan Design Week. One of the caveats, you actually have to be going to cool stuff and are willing to post it for this channel.  Continue reading “Dezeen and Instagram team up for @design”

Instagram’s Urban Explorer Movement

A younger generation of urban explorers are rediscovering NYC and posting their exploits on Instagram where they have thousands of followers. These New Yorkers are scaling to the tops of bridges and exploring below the streets of New York in abandoned subways.

Filmmaker Jeff Seal focuses on eight New York-based Instagram photographers who partake in the new craze, dangerously scaling Manhattan’s notable landmarks and adventuring into the uncharted depths of the world’s capital, seeking out the city’s secret, and sometimes illegal vistas. The resulting photographs are absolutely breathtaking, capturing rare, solitary and awe-inspiring moments within the country’s most populated city. Watch these daring explorers speak on their expeditions in the video above.

Shot and Edited by Jeff Seal