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There’s no romance on the GO

Today, I took the dreaded GO Train. I prefer the bus because it’s more comfortable and less crowded. But because of time, I had to take it in order to make it back to Hamilton in time for a meeting at 6:30 pm.

I found a new pathway to get there that by-passes Front street and all the tourists walking like it’s Sunday morning. As I got to the train, I was shocked at the number of people that were cramming to get on. We were like sardines. I was able to find a spot on the stairs so I didn’t have to stand the entire time. But people were trying to push their way for space and individuals in front of them were shaking their heads to let them know that there is no more room to go.

This is Canada, and so why are we traveling as if it is the 1950s in New Dehli? Why isn’t there an express train from Toronto to Hamilton? We shouldn’t have to travel like this, it’s in humane.

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